Custom Knee Bracing

What is custom knee bracing?

Some people have a knee brace for stability and others have one to take the load off their joints.  Taking the load off of joints is common when there is extensive degeneration or arthritis in the joint.  

Certain knee injuries require more support than what is offered in stores or off-the-shelf.  Custom knee braces are available and are specially made braces for specific injuries so you get additional support, comfort and flexibility.

What kind of braces are there?

At Manual Works, we assess the appropriate knee braces for you and offer the following:

  • Stability braces
  • Off loading braces
  • Patellofemoral braces

Do you need a doctor’s referral to get a custom brace?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see any of our therapists.  However, a doctor’s referral may be needed if you would like to have the therapy covered by your private health insurance plan.  We recommend you check your health plan.

Are custom knee braces covered by insurance?

Yes, custom knee braces are often covered by private health insurance plans. We recommend you check your health plan because a doctor’s referral is usually required as well and there is a high cost for the custom brace.

We provide a letter for your insurance company so that you can confirm pre-approval for the brace.