Surface EMG

What is Surface EMG?

Surface Electro-Myography (EMG) retrains proper activation of various muscle groups to fix compensations your body has normalized.  That is, pain causes your body to compensate and adapt to improper movements over time and this results in further health issues.  

For example, someone who limps because of pain in a specific area may continue to limp once the pain disappears without realizing it.  This becomes an improper compensation or a new normal in your body that will create future issues, new or recurring injuries.  This person may then be labeled as injury-prone or experience re-injury without trauma.

Our physiotherapists focus on the issues that develop by focusing on retraining your proper muscles.  It requires a lot of dedication and success depends on your willingness and persistence in rehabilitation.

How does surface EMG work?

During the procedure, a device – with electrodes and a sensor – is affixed to your skin. When your muscles move, the electrodes pick up the signal which is transmitted through the device and then into a computer for analysis. Using this information, we can see how your affected muscle groups compensate to different movements and positions. This allows us to help you retrain your muscles to fix improper movements and prevent re-injury.

What can Surface EMG be specifically used for?

Surface EMG is used for physical therapy, urology, biomechanics, and ergonomics.  It is also used clinically for biofeedback, muscle relaxation and retraining, and the treatment of incontinence.

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